Order Fulfillment

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What is Order Fulfillment?

Simply put, order fulfillment refers to everything that needs to happen from when an order is placed to when the order is delivered to the customer. Alentix specializes in order fulfillment of all sorts: from simple to the most complex of orders with multiple shipments or even different addresses with varying shipment sizes and weights.

For each order processed through us, we analyze the most effective way to deliver the order. We are expert in handling both domestic and overseas orders uncluding complicated products. We will determine the most appropriate carrier while putting your interest in the forefront.

As one of the leaders in our industry, you get to leverage our vast network of carriers including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and OnTrack. As a larger customer, we have negotiated better rates with all major carriers and we happily pass on these incredible savings to you.

We also provide tracking number so both you and your customer can rest assured knowing the most up to date status of your package at your finger tip.

Benefits of Order Fulfillment Services with Alentix:


Our customers enjoy deep discounts on shipping stemming from our relationships with carriers. No one can beat our rates and prices – guaranteed.


Fast and accurate order fulfillment ensures a positive customer experience and potential repeat sell. If customer orders reach our distribution center by 2.00PM, we are fully capable of fulfilling the order the same day.


Enjoy efficiency and save money by leveraging our vast network of warehouses. We will surprise you with how quickly we can deliver items as we may already have a warehouse in close proximity to your customer.


Both your customer and you have access to tracking numbers that help you track your order in real time. This is a peace of mind for everyone and also helps reduce unnecessary calls, checking on status of a given order.


Whether you need to repackage item with your own packaging or you want to deliver in plain, frustration-free packaging – leverage our expertise to repackage any product, any way you like. We like to stay behind the curtain and will never use our business information anywhere on any order that we fulfill on your behalf.


All the order fulfillment steps are updated in real time so you can rest assured where a given order is in the fulfillment process and if needed, keep your customer in the loop.

Why is Order Fulfillment Essential to Your Business’ Success?

Modern customers expect great value. They also want speed. The quicker your customers receive their orders accurately, the more likely you’ll get their repeat business.

While order fulfillment sounds like a simple enough phrase, considering how many moving pieces there are in the entire process – this can soon get out of hand for any business. Acquiring inventory, securing proper storage facility, ensuring proper climate for the stored inventory, proper shelving for easy retrieval, hiring staff, training staff, establishing procedure, packaging materials, establishing contract with carriers and several other steps are involved. We already have everything in place. We do it better than most businesses can do for themselves and we do it at a fraction of the cost. You will not only save money but also handle orders more accurately with us.

What Ensures Repeat Business from Customers?

Value. When we say value, we don’t mean inexpensive or cheap. We deliver value by providing quality services at an affordable price. Our processing time is faster than anyone’s in the industry and we do it with jaw-dropping efficiency. Our order fulfillment accuracy is near perfect and we have established protocols that can correct an incorrectly handled order way before it reaches your customer, so your business can thrive on repeat orders and you can enjoy customer’s loyalty.

Did you know…

There are several moving pieces in the order fulfillment process. Where to store your inventory? How to ship your orders? What carrier is the best for both your customers and you? Inventory management is crucial to the success of filling orders. You always want to be on the know on what’s on hand, what’s coming in and which products are on demand so you can adjust your inventory accordingly.

Customer Support

Customer Support

While very uncommon, if you have a problem with your order – you can rest assured we have a dedicated team to make things right. Our team members can troubleshoot and provide a solution in real time.

You can reach our customer support team by: logging a support ticket* or email. You can also call us and immediately connect with a real person using our toll-free number.

(800) 413-9265

* Only customers with a valid subscription can create a ticket in our system.