Overseas Fulfillment

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Order fulfillment is more complicated than most people realize. The process can become tricky for businesses especially with all the moving pieces like maintaining expensive facilities, overhead, hiring, training and retaining staff, procuring products, packaging materials, negotiate rate with shipping partners and countless other pieces that make the order fulfillment process possible. Things are even more complicated if your business operates on a global level and ships internationally.

If you happen to be a U.S. based online business looking to get into the international market, Alentix can help!


Partnering with Alentix can help your business expand beyond the borders. By using our services, you can rest assured knowing a consistent and reliable order fulfillment process is in place to help make you a global success. By tasking us with order fulfillment, you can concentrate on other trivial aspects to grow your business.

At Alentix, we are always looking to deliver on our promises to our customers and their businesses in innovative ways. We provide access to hundreds of countries around the globe so that you can grow your business far and wide. If growing your business beyond the international borders is in the back of your head, let’s make it a reality!

We can ship anywhere in the world as long as the country is serviced by DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS. We handle all the technicalities, so you can concentrate on other trivial aspects of running your business.


We have a network of suppliers, vendors, businesses, clients and carriers located all over the world. Combining them all, we got the perfect network for order fulfillment that any company can only dream of. Our goal is to help our clients source products and bring them to their U.S. customers faster at the most affordable price. Our international clients can also have us pick, pack and ship within the U.S. if they choose so.


Alentix understands how difficult it can be to stay on top of everything as a business; shipping restrictions, restricted product sales, cross boundary laws and regulations, proper packing and labeling, etc. We manage all these, and we do it quite well. We are well-versed in the laws of commerce and are considered the benchmark in the logistics world. We make good on our promises and one of those promises is to stay one step ahead of the competitions, so you can stay ahead in the game!

We offer a plethora of services and plans for you to choose from: choose pay-as-you-go or subscribe for a longer period as you see fit. Call us today and find out why you should be entrusting us with your order fulfillment needs!

We offer convenient orders coordination with our electronic fulfillment programming, enabling our customers to monitor deliveries and oversee stock from virtually anywhere in the world.


  • No sign-up costs
  • Pay-as-you-go plan for added flexibility
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Free white-label service
  • Free price discovery tool
  • Free returns management
  • Free standard packaging
  • 24/7 access to all your order information

Finally, why take up the weight, cost and persevering work of worldwide delivery when you can avoid all this and save money and time in the process? Using an outsourced worldwide fulfillment with Alentix will help your global operation and you can grow your business exponentially.

Did you know…

We can help you expand your business beyond the geographical boundaries to overseas market. We can ship your products to and from overseas for a fraction of the cost of most carriers. We have a network of the best carriers offering the best shipping method at incredible rates to meet your needs and budget.

Customer Support

Customer Support

While very uncommon, if you have a problem with your order – you can rest assured we have a dedicated team to make things right. Our team members can troubleshoot and provide a solution in real time.

You can reach our customer support team by: logging a support ticket* or email. You can also call us and immediately connect with a real person using our toll-free number.

(800) 413-9265

* Only customers with a valid subscription can create a ticket in our system.