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Partner with Alentix and Earn Commission

Alentix depends on lasting relationships and business referrals to remain viable. We have a Referral Program in place for this very reason. For customers that are referring us to new businesses, we incentivize them with 15% commission of initial sales amount from their referral(s). Join today, spread the word and start enjoying those referral credits.

Signup today for one of our Referral Programs

Plan 1: Invite and Earn

Simply invite your friends to check us out and earn $12! The more lead you send us our way the more you can earn. Simply provide us with the name, email and any other contact information of the business or person you’re referring and we will credit you $12 for each of them.

You can earn referral bonus even if you’re not a current Alentix customer.

Plan 2: Spread the Word

We love to talk with our prospective partners and help them explore ways they can grow and leverage our expertise to benefit their businesses. If you need unique, targeted solution for your business, get in touch. Our experts would be more than happy to go over several options for your unique situation.

Plan 3: Save, Save, Save

Just by referring fellow businesses, you can save as much as 100% of your subscription with Alentix!

If you’re serious about saving money, and want to leverage our referral program to reduce your bill – this is a great way to shrink that small bill even smaller or get rid of it all together! When you refer a friend or business that subscribes at similar level or higher than your subscription level – our Save Save Save program will save 10% on your own subscription for the entire year. Your friend also gets to save 10% when you refer them. A win-win for everyone!

Step 1

Provide your fellow business or friend with a 10% off coupon for Alentix

Step 2

Your referral signs up at a service level higher or equal to your subscription

Step 3

You get to enjoy 10% off your bill for the entire calendar year

Become an affiliate partner

Visit Alentix and sign up for one of our referral plans.

Did you know…

Alentix has many solutions for you to save, including our award-winning referral program where you can refer people and businesses to our company. In many cases, customers can get 100% off their bill waived! Sign up for one of our several referral programs and start earning today. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

Customer Support

Customer Support

While very uncommon, if you have a problem with your order – you can rest assured we have a dedicated team to make things right. Our team members can troubleshoot and provide a solution in real time.

You can reach our customer support team by: logging a support ticket* or email. You can also call us and immediately connect with a real person using our toll-free number.

(800) 413-9265

* Only customers with a valid subscription can create a ticket in our system.