The Alentix Effect

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Everyone loves to feel special and to receive a positive attention. Alentix will make sure your business feels that way by providing services and products with a touch of personalization. Regardless how much business you bring to Alentix, we will treat you like you’re the only customer we have.

Each of our customers receives a dedicated Personal Manager when they sign up for our services. This person is your point of contact and will guide you through those first few weeks to make sure you are getting the most of your subscription. Your Personal Manager will be also providing you with ongoing support should you need it.

Contacting a different support person each time you need support can be frustrating, we take out the frustrating part out of the support process by providing you with a dedicated resource.


No business wants to fall behind of their competitions. However, with cutting-edge technology, more resources, and greater investment – it’s not easy to compete with giants like Amazon, Walmart or Target.

Not when you partner with Alentix! You get to use all those bells and whistles these retail giants use and more! Our proprietary technology and tools are yours to use. From logistics to order fulfillment and everything in between, you can leverage our technology, experience and expertise to take your business to the next level.


Familiarizing yourself and your staff with a new system and a bunch of software brand new to your business is no easy task. However, with our easy to use interface and simple layout, we guarantee your staff will master our product in no time!

Moreover, you have a complete control over your account and each individual package within. You can order, map, and track your packages from virtually anywhere in the world. We also provide interactive reports so you can be informed on inventory, damaged products, fulfillment and delivery as they happen.


Alentix is dedicated to provide the best service you can get. As long as your business is flourishing, so is ours. Our very basis of survival depends on your business success. As our business interest aligns with yours, we take extra caution to make sure your orders are fulfilled timely, accurately and efficiently. Our trained staff also embody the same high-level of dedication on every step they take while serving you and your business.


Alentix doesn’t spend a whole lot on advertising and marketing. Rather, our business has spread through word of mouth and personal referrals. You don’t have to worry about us advertising ourselves while delivering your product. In no circumstances, Alentix will include marketing/sales materials, brochures, flyers etc. with your order. On the contrary, if you want, we can include sales/marketing materials on your behalf.


If you’re impressed by our Distributed Network Warehouse, we have good news for you. You can enjoy our distributed warehouse so long you are willing to participate in the devised Shared Inventory Stock model we have available for all our customers. There is no extra cost associated to participate and participation is voluntary.

Simply put, shared inventory allows you to process orders faster. If one of your products happens to be in our warehouse near your customer, we will simply ship from the nearest warehouse so your customer receives it faster. We will simply adjust your inventory to reflect it was taken out of your inventory and not ours (or from another customer’s inventory for that matter). Same day delivery and lightning fast processing time have been possible since we combined Shared Inventory Stock and Distributed Warehouse models.

Since we want to make sure that all of our customers get high quality, brand new, undamaged item; your business will have to meet certain standards before we clear you to participate in our Shared Inventory Stock program.

Did you know…

We take great pride in the personal attention we give to each order that we process. We go so far as to give our customers their own Personal Account Manager to oversee their account. Our customers have unlimited and continuous access to their account information with the help of the wonderful technology we have implemented over the years.

Customer Support

Customer Support

While very uncommon, if you have a problem with your order – you can rest assured we have a dedicated team to make things right. Our team members can troubleshoot and provide a solution in real time.

You can reach our customer support team by: logging a support ticket* or email. You can also call us and immediately connect with a real person using our toll-free number.

(800) 413-9265

* Only customers with a valid subscription can create a ticket in our system.